Ringette BC Supports and Promotes Gym Ringette in all BC Schools

Gym Ringette offers participants new challenges, improves their physical literacy and promotes a sense of accomplishment.

Why Gym Ringette?

Gym Ringette is a True Sport program and is a way to maximize the positive influence sport can have on students.

Ringette is an exciting team sport that emphasizes fun while allowing for the maximum participation of all players, regardless of gender, ability and physical challenge.

The game promotes social and emotional maturity by encouraging team work through competition and cooperation. The many skills which result from ringette participation are directly related to the goals of a physically active lifestyle and help to build confidence and competence in all participants.

Gym Ringette requires fitness, strategy, strength and finesse. Players must rely on agility, speed and endurance which in turn build physical literacy.

  • Fairness

  • Inclusion

  • Excellence

  • Fun


To download the Gym Ringette instructor guide click here.

Attention Teachers & Schools:

Ringette BC is pleased to offer an introduction to the Gym Ringette program to your school at no cost. Our trained instructors will come to your school on the scheduled day, with all the equipment necessary, and run age and developmentally appropriate activities and games for your students.

Gym Ringette is ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 7.

Contact the Ringette BC Office for more information on how to have a trained instructor come to your school and host a Gym Ringette Session for your students.

Ringette a New Level of Sport. 

For more information, or to have a gym ringette instructor come to your school,contact us below