U12 Year End Event

To declare your team’s intent to attend the 2022 U12 Year End Event, you must Commit to Attend by December 15, 2021

How to submit your Commitment to Attend

  1. Fill out the Commitment to Attend Form (C2A), signed by your Head Coach and Association President and submit to Ringette BC
  2. Mail a cheque for $900 to Ringette BC
  3. Submit your Ringette BC Roster, with Jersey Numbers with your C2A Form to Ringette BC

Commitment to Attend Packages will not be considered complete until all 3 steps above have been completed.

2022 U12 Year End Event

The 2022 U12 Year End Event will be hosted in Langley by Fraser Valley Ringette Association.

Event Details: 

Location: Langley, BC
Dates: March 25 – 27, 2021

Open to All U12 Teams in BC

Event brings together all U12 teams in BC and provides a year end competition. Teams are pooled based on season results.