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The Technical Coordinator is here to support all coaches and to assist with any questions that arise regarding coaching credentials, evaluations and clinics.

For all items related to Coaching Clinics, Course registration, and Coaching credentials please contact the Technical Coordinator, Nicole Robb at,
For all items related to Coach Developers, the BC Ringette Coach Committee, and Coach evaluations please contact the Technical Coordinator, Nicole Robb.

For all other coaching related questions please send an email to

Lori Thomas, Champions of Character, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics:
Follow these links to the videos of the presentations made to the BCRA Annual General Meeting Conference on May 31, 2014 at Sun Peaks Resort. These extremely well received presentations are must see’s for anyone who coaches, who wants to coach and who is a parent of a player. Each video is in ‘Dropbox’; each is about 50 minutes in length.

Coaching with Character: Download MP4
Coaching Players’ Parents: Download MP4


Athlete Medical Form
 Parent Coach Handbook, CABC
 Nutritional Guidelines

Athlete Tryouts, Evaluations & Fitness Testing

Skater Evaluation Form1
Goaltender Evaluation Form1
Skater Evaluation Form2
Goaltender Evaluation Form2
Off-Ice Fitness Testing

Mental Training

Guided Imagery Session
Progressive Relaxation Script
Mental Training Techniques

Practice Planning Tools

These practice planning resources have been developed to assist coaches in their development of practice plans for any division/caliber.

 Technical Skills Matrix – Outlines all technical skills (skating, ring, goalkeeping, and psychological) and their stages and progressions of skill development.
 Practice Plan Template – A blank practice planning worksheet complete with rink diagrams.
 Practice Plan Content – Highlights what should be included in each part of the practice plan, and the order of events in the main-part.
 Ice Rink Diagram (4 per page)
Ice Rink Diagram (4 per page with lines)
Ice Rink Diagram (full page)

Drill/Play Drawing Tool (doc with rink diagram and icons)

Sample Practice Plans

Please click on the Practice Plans for Coaches button below for a direct link to 12 practice plans developed for coaches to implement at practices.

The practice plans below have been developed to assist coaches by ensuring all required technical skills are taught during the season, in the proper stages of skill development and in the proper order. There are no diagrams attached to allow coaches to fill in their own, but there is reference to drills and diagrams in the Ringette Canada Drill Book (available to purchase or provided at all coaching clinics). Be sure to read the heading for each division as it outlines the season map.

U12: Learning to Train Stage 2 (Petite)

Practice 1
 Practice 2
 Practice 3
 Practice 4
 Practice 5
 Practice 6
 Practice 7
 Practice 8
 Practice 9
 Practice 10
 Practice 11
 Practice 12
 Practice 13
 Practice 14
 Practice 15

Making Ethical Decisions: Ringette BC requires all coaches to have completed the Making Ethical Decisions course. Please go to this website for more information:–s16834

Find out more about coaching resources from these highly regarded sites: