Ringette BC 2020 Provincial Skill Competition

We want to see your skills shine!

This season, with much of our province’s focus being on individual skills, we want to see those skills shine! To show us those skills, join the rest of our province in our 2020 Provincial Skills Competition!

We invite athletes in U10 and above of all calibers to enter our Skills Competition including a variety of different skills. Prizes will be awarded to the top athletes in each category!

The competition starts Friday, November 13th, and ends Thursday, December 31st! For detailed information, video tutorials, diagrams, and submission details check out the detailed info below!

2020 Ringette BC Provincial Skills Competition – Final

Ringette BC 2020 Skill Competition Information Sheet

2020 Ringette BC Provincial Skills Competition – Final

Ringette BC 2020 Skill Video Tutorials

Passing – All Divisions


Forward Skating – All Divisions
U10/U12 – skate to centre line
U14 and up – skate to far blue line


Backwards Skating – All Divisions


Skating Agility with Ring – U10/U12


Skating Ring Agility with Ring – U14


Skating Ring Agility with Ring – U16/U19/18+


Goalie Agility – All Divisions
U12 – stop at 38 second mark (after shuffles)
U14 and above – complete entire video


Goalie Ring Distribution Accuracy – All Divisions


Skill Competition Score Submission

Skill Competition Score Submission Form
*download this spreadsheet and email the completed copy to technicaldirector@bcringette.org