Ringette BC Policy: new Part A-Governance reposted for AGM

Ringette BC has reposted the new Policy Part A-Governance.  The post is divided into 3 sections: Constitution, By-laws and Policies that govern the operation of the Society.  These documents can be the templates for member Leagues and club-Associations to use as they make their way through the transition to the new BC Societies Act.  Part A replaced Sections A, B, most of C and I of the 2013 (and previoius editions) of the BCRA Policy manual.  Of the 2013 manual, Sections D through H are under review by the various Operational Committees.  These reviews and recommended policies are anticipated to make up the new Sections D through H in time for the start of the 2017-18 playing season.  This has been an ambitious project and the Society appreciates the patience of the members.  Please look at these documents by clicking on the hyperlink in red.

2016 Policy manual edited for Governance

Governance Policies Version 3

Section B – By-laws of the Society

Section C – Policies that govern the operation of the Society

Section A-Constitution of the Society