September 16, 2014

BC Ringette has received inquiries related to the applicability of expiry date labels found on some helmets. Expiry dates on helmets are found on a sticker from HECC. HECC applies only in the USA. If you are on an arena in the USA and are required to wear a hockey helmet, that helmet must have an HECC sticker and must not be beyond the expiry date.

However, HECC is not recognized in Canada. Canada only recognizes CSA. The June 1, 2010 bulletin from CSA remains current. CSA takes the position that the life span of a helmet is not easy to determine and so CSA does not give expiry dates for hockey helmets. CSA advocates that “consumers should exercise good judgement s to the suitability of a hockey helmet for play. Helmets that are cracked, have loose fitting or missing liner pieces, or that have been subjected to a severe blow should be replaced. For a hockey helmet to function effectively, it must be in very good working order and worn properly in accordance withe the manufacturer’s instructions.”