Putting the fun in fundamentals!

Cartoon of kidsRingette BC approves (sanctions) Jamborees to enhance the on and off ice experience of players and their family members during events that are not part of the regularly scheduled games in the Leagues.  Hosts are encouraged to creatively use on and off ice times for both structured and unstructured activities and to use their event build partnerships with community resources and with other complementary sports.

2012-2013 BCRA Jamboree Certified Events:

– Fraser Valley Ringette – Michelle Vandale Memorial Spirit of Winter Tournament

BCRA Jamboree Certified events are committed to providing enhanced participation opportunities specifically designed to increase the enjoyment of U12 and younger participants.


The following resources from Action Schools BC are available at the BCRA office! Incorporate these and other activities at you next Jamboree!!

65 Energy Blasts!

The energy blast provides instruction and music to each of the moves! No PE equipment required. You will need a DVD / TV set up in a roomy space to allow for the number of participants to move freely to the Blasts! Extra speakers wound enhance the learning and assist in creating a festive atmosphere.

Judy offers wellness tips throughout the video during the activities. When the videos are played continuously a 5 second seque appears onscreen between the activities. A great time to take a sip of water!

3 Ways to Utilize the DVD:

  1. Click on each activity individually;
  2. Click on a “theme” and play it in random/or listed order;
  3. Click on all 65 Energy Blasts icon that will play in random order.

There are 4 themes: ‘Latin’, ‘African’, ‘Hip Hop ‘, and ‘Athletic’.

  • Latin 13 minutes 10* Blast moves
  • African 11 minutes 8 Blast moves
  • Hip Hop 34 minutes 26 Blast moves
  • Athletic 30 minutes 23 Blast moves. * Times are approximate.

Get Strong 101

The Get Strong DVD is broken into 10 sections. 9 sections are skills / drills for learning and improving physical skills that will improve overall body awareness, coordination, and strength strenght in the young player. The entry level skills are the building blocks for improved athleticism for youngsters.

The activities in the video may be incorporated into multi-activity stations or set up as a Get Strong 101 Stations.

You will need a DVD / TV set up in a roomy space to allow for the number of participants to move freely to the 30-45 second skills clips if you choose not to use a stations format! Extra speakers wound enhance the learning and assist in creating a festive atmosphere. Each video demonstration is 40 seconds to 1 minute. The video may be utilzed to show the skills to the group or used to familiarize group instructors of a few skills they would demo when using a stations format.

Create relay races, mirror games, or stations with older players to demo and run the station.

The following is a summary of each section on the video with tips provided for execution during your event.


You will need: lines on the floor or ladders.
Recommend: painters’ tape or side walk chalk to make lines if the facility will permit.

Suggestions with activities are:

  • Start / stop to external music set up in the venue or at each station. Example: Ipod with Ipod speakers / station. 1 large CD / Ipod stereo for entire room.
  • Set up multiple stations for different agility activities with a group leader in each familiar with the activity. 2 Minutes to Demo activity with participants trying it. Start the group to the music.

Total Body:

  • High ceiling and gym floor like space required.
  • Can substitute in age appropriate lighter balls and beanbags.
  • Stand up drills: Awesome for U9s! Can be used with all.
  • Use low objects /tape/ladders before attempting with hurdles for younger players.
  • Flip drills: 9+ yrs old. Need high ceiling.

Upper Body:

  • 6 types of push-ups in a progressive easy to difficult format.
  • 1-3 drills to be utilized for all. 4-6 are progressions that can be used at the 9+ ages.

Lower Body:

  • Can be done in a medium or large space.
  • Suggestions – add music to have children move to the beat! Be creative!
  • Progressions move from simple to more difficult.


  • 6 movement activities.
  • All ages can work through the progressions.
  • Substitute tape / cones for hurdles at the U9 levels.
  • Suggestions: use in Simon Says games, relay races, move to music.


  • Suggestions: state to U9 players:
  • Show me how many you can do.
  • Show me how long you can hold ______ Balance.
  • Add partners holding hands across from each other to assist with balances.
  • The video will ask the participant to hold for the duration of the clip. This may be problematic for younger players. It is encouraged that the suggestions above are used instead.
  • Figure 8’s. This is a more advance balance. Suggest asking young players to listen to the instructor spell a word (ringette word encouraged) or hold the balance to a short clip of music.


  • Need space on floor for players to utilize without bumping another player.
  • Progressions.
  • Ball pushes, Trunk rotations, knee drives are 9+ appropriate.


  • 10 different sratchs


  • Advanced movements and not recommended for U9.


Any age:

  • Simon Says
  • Mirror (partner game)
  • Strenght Tag

Appropriate for 9+:

  • Balance Ball – can modify with bean bags
  • Clock Lunges
  • Flip Ball – modify with lighter ball rather then training / medicine ball.
  • Ladder Ball – as above.

Sample Activities PDFs – coming soon!

Chinese Jump Rope DVD

This video will provide progressions from simple to more complex games with three participants and a Chinese jump rope. The 28 minute video has a 3.5 minute introduction. At the 20 minute mark of the video you can review all 11 games. This is not in slow motion. Individual games may be selected from the main screen to demonstrate. These clips offer slow motion video to follow the moves.

Audio Cd’s

African Party!!

African Party features favourite upbeat tracks from across the continent!! 10 unique songs make up this festive and fun sounding CD. Perfect for background sound, movements to music, or your own jamboree dance party!

Kids Into Action: The Sports Circuit!

Sport Stations Level 2

  • The Cd has 7 tracks. Track 5 provides cues every 45 seconds during the music. This is a great way to break up activities and allow for players to move into different skills from the list provided in the 101 Get Strong DVD. Track 6 has 90 second cues. Track 7 goes to 120 seconds.
  • Track 4 provides yoga instructions.
  • Tracks 1-3 require basketballs, volleyballs or soccer balls. Not required for Jamborees due to space and skill levels of the players.
  • Overall tracks 5 to 7 provide a fantastic and creative way for players to do skills and games to music in a controlled atmosphere


  • Promoting Healthy Living: Vegetables!
  • Promoting Healthy Living: Fruit!
  • Vegetables and Fruit: Healthy Serving Sizes!
  • Colourful Choices: Promoting Healthy Eating!

Promoting Good Sportspersonship:

  • Sporting Spirit is…!

Activity Posters:

  • Brain Dance
  • Head to Toe Stretches