What you need to remember this New Years’ Eve

  • Commit To Attend Forms & Cheques

    All Provincial A and B Championships Commitment to Attend Forms (C2A) and cheques are all due into the Ringette BC Office by December 31st. If a C2A form has been submitted via email to the Technical Coordinator it is not considered completed until the Registration fee is submitted. If a team submits to attend after the December 31st deadline it is Ringette BC discretion to include the team or not.
    The Registration fee for Provincial A and B Championships is $900.00. Any teams that do not qualify to attend will receive a refund on their registration.
    Teams in U16A, U19A and 18+A that wish to attend WCRC Championships must include a second cheque for $250.00 to confirm their spot.

    There are still a large number of divisions so it is not too late to register.

  • Competition Introduction (CI) Evaluation Registration closes

    The deadline to register for a Competition Introduction Evaluation is DECEMBER 31, 2016. All CI evaluations must be completed by FEBRUARY 15, 2017 to ensure that all coaches are qualified for Provincial Championships.
    To register for a CI evaluation:
    1. Ensure you have completed all necessary course work including Making Ethical Decisions – Competition Introduction EVALUATION
    If you have not done the MED Evaluation (Test) with Coaching Association of Canada you will be unable to register for the evaluation in the Ringette Canada site.
    To register go to www.coachingringette.ca and log into your coaching profile.
    3. Go to your “STATUS” page and scroll down to the Competition Introduction box.
    4. The last line item is “Competition Introduction evaluation” – click the “register” button.
    Once you have done that you are done and the Technical Coordinator will be in touch. Ringette BC will assign an evaluator to you who will mark your documents and on-ice.
    *If you would like to know what courses you are missing check out your Coaching Ringette Profile as well as your CAC Locker profile.
    ***If you have any question please contact: technicalcoordinator@bcringette.org.

  • League Deadlines - January 1, 2017

    By January 1st, 2017 the Leagues are to notify Ringette BC of the following:

    1. Final date for Leagues to confirm their team tiering declarations to Ringette BC. Retreat and re-tiering deadline.
    2. Leagues to notify Ringette BC of the number of teams eligible for Provincial Championships in A and B/C