Sport Awareness and Promotions

Athlete Recruitment and Promotions Manual

The Ringette BC Athlete Recruitment and Promotions Manual works to provide a system, necessary tools, and information to promote, market, and recruit players to local Associations effectively. This document accomplishes this by providing Associations with a clear outline of procedures to be adopted and implemented. The manual includes information about promotional events, promotional tools, and finally, a season recruitment plan.

Use of the Ringette BC Athlete Recruitment and Promotions Manual provides Associations with a variety of different tactics to recruit athletes and in turn grow their Association and the sport of ringette. It will explain practices at the most basic level as well as provide a master plan of how to facilitate growth through an entire season.

Instructions & Links to Social Media Analytic Tools

Identifying what strategies work best for your association is an ongoing process. Luckily, there are tools available to help.  Use analytics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to monitor the growth of your profile, identify patterns of success, and modify the strategy and tactics as necessary.