Ringette BC wants you to try our game.

Want to attend one of our FREE Come Try Ringette sessions?

Visit Ringette Canada’s Come Try Ringette Website to see list of all the events in BC.

You will find links to local events as they become available and will be able to register to attend one of the FREE sessions. You can count on being warmly welcomed and included in this fun team game.

Ringette BC’s Office staff are able to assist with any items related to Come Try Ringette including:

  • Posting a CTR event to the Ringette Canada Come Try Ringette website for your Association
  • Ordering CTR event items

Looking for materials to help you organize a Come Try Ringette program in your club-Association?

Click on this link to receive the Ringette Canada Training guide: CTR-Manual 2017.

Looking for a Gym Ringette or Come Try Ringette Instructor?

Contact the Technical Director at Ringette BC for more information on how to get a trained Instructor to your events today.

To get your event posted to the Come Try Ringette website www.cometryringette.ca you will need to submit a CTR Event Submission Form to technicaldirector@bcringette.org.

Fill out the form with all your event information and let us know if you need anything for your event!

When your event is underway please make sure that you collect all the necessary statistics and submit them to the Ringette BC Office using the form below.