Ringette BC‘s Children’s Ringette Resources

General Resources

A brief overview of  the changes that were implemented by Ringette BC at the start of the 2018-2019 season.

A Letter to Parents, Guardians and Families

A PowerPoint presented at the 2018 Ringette BC AGM & Conference reviewing the purpose and explaining the format of FUNdamentals.

Children’s Ringette Presentation

Presented at the beginning of the 2018-19 season reviewing the purpose, the format, and the resources available in FUNdamentals.

Children’s Ringette Webinar – July 2018

Children’s Ringette Webinar – September 2018

Coach’s Manual – eVersion

A six page tri-fold that describes each of the divisions, including game format, violations, set-up and more!

FUNdamentals 1

FUNdamentals 2

Skills Charts

A one page poster that outlines the physical, cognitive, social and ringette skills coaches should incorporate into their practice sessions. Includes teaching tips and games literacy information.

FUNdamentals 1

FUNdamentals 2

Assessment Tool

Documents to support coaches and associations in determining which division is the best fit for each participant. Assessments are designed to be completed in small groups in 5-10 minutes. Includes criteria.

FUNdamentals 1

FUNdamentals 2

Children’s Ringette Games with Aims

Games with Aims are activities where children can learn and perform skills in a fun environment. The document below includes a comprehensive list of age and stage appropriate games to incorporate into your practices.

Games with Aims

Jamboree Guidelines and Technical Package

Children’s Ringette Jamboree Guidelines and Technical Package for FUNdamentals 1 and FUNdamentals 2 division.

Jamboree Guidelines and Technical Package

What is Ringette Canada Doing?

Ringette Canada Children’s Ringette Key Messages

Ringette Canada’s Key Messages and Communication Resources for children’s ringette programs across Canada. Includes the national implementation process as well as a brief breakdown on each province’s initiatives.

Children’s Ringette Key Messages

Game Day Let’s Play

Documents that detail how to setup and run FUNdamentals ringette games.

Cross-ice Game Format

Half-ice Game Format

Long Term Ringette Development


What is Ringette Manitoba Doing?

Ringette Manitoba’s program is a mixture of skill specific lessons and split ice games to expand the skill level of its participants while having even more games and fun competition. All the lessons are packed with fun and encourage participants to try new skills while playing appropriate games for their development.

To learn more about what Ringette Here are Ringette Manitoba’s doing with their Children in Ringette visit their Ringett4U page. Check out these Lesson Plan Booklets from Ringette Manitoba to see some fun games and activities to implement into your FUNdamentals program!

Lesson Booklets

Red Lesson Book  – These lesson plans are designed for the equivalent of BC’s FUNdamentals 1 athletes. These children are having their first experience with ringette and play cross-ice ringette.

Purple Lesson Book – These lesson plans are designed for the equivalent of BC’s FUNdamentals 1 athletes transitioning to FUNdamentals 2 and FUNdamentals 2 athletes. These children are playing half-ice ringette.

Green Lesson Book – These lesson plans are designed for the equivalent of BC’s FUNdamentals 2 athletes transitioning into U10. These children are having their first experience playing full-ice ringette.

Rural Lesson Book – These lesson plans are designed for a team of athletes of mixed ages and stages much like a mixed FUNdamentals 1 & 2 team.

What is Ringette Alberta Doing?

To see the changes Ringette Alberta is making to children`s ringette visit yourringette.ca

Watch this video from Ringette Alberta to see how cross-ice and half-ice play has been successfully implemented in Finland!