The Integrated Performance System was introduced to Ringette in BC in 2014.

The program will be fully implemented by 2018. The program started in 2015 with the identification of, or “carding” of athletes who tried out for BC Winter Games teams. Carded athletes will be eligible for, provided funds are available, reimbursement of the costs of pre-approved performance improvement camps and events, including participation in the Western Canadian Ringette Championships, Canadian National Ringette Championships or Canada Winter Games. When fully implemented, the Integrated Performance System will be available to athletes, coaches, and officials to assist in their development towards achieving their goals in high performance Ringette. To download the full program description, click here.

Ringette BC Skills Assessment Camp – May 1st, 2016

The first in a series of skills assessment camps is being hosted on May 1st in Coquitlam by Ringette BC in partnership with Competitive Thread Sport testing. The skills assessment camp is a pilot program for the Integrated Performance System.

The camp is for all U15 aged players who attended BC Winter Games, played U16 or U14AA or U14 Development, tried out for BC Winter Games and all U16 and U14A players. This camp is for players who are considering entering or continuing to participate in the high performance stream of play.

This camp includes:
– One hour on ice skills assessment session
– One hour dryland testing session
– One hour of Ringette skills and scrimmage
The camp is being held at Planet Ice Coquitlam.

For more details please go to the Karelo Event list using the link below and hope to see you there!
For more information on Competitive Thread please check out their website: