Ringette BC supports and promotes gym ringette for schools in BC. Coming to a school near you.

Ringette is an exciting team sport that emphasizes fund while allowing for the maximum participation of all players, regardless of gender, ability and physical challenge.  The rules encourage team work, safety and no intentional body contact.  The games promotes social and emotional maturity by encouraging team work through competition and cooperation.  Ringette, and its cousin, Gym Ringette, requires both fitness and strategy, strength and finesse.  Players must rely on agility, speed and endurance which in turn build fitness.

Gym Ringette is played on a gymnasium floor or similar athletic surface.  The most common lines included on gymnasium floors are suitable for the lines for gym Ringette although some adaptations may be required.  Other adaptations are possible including using the gymnasium walls for “bounce passes”.

Gym Ringette requires some specialized equipment and some strongly recommended safety equipment.

For more information about Gym Ringette please contact the Ringette BC Office and the Technical Coordinator: 778-870-2256.  To download the Gym Ringette manual provided by Ringette Canada click here.


Teachers if you are interested in having Gym Ringette come to your School the Ringette BC Office can make that happen!
Gym Ringette is ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 7!

For more information please visit the Gym Ringette website: http://www.ringette.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Gym-Ringette1.pdf

Contact the Ringette BC Office for more information on how to have a trained Gym Ringette Instructor come to your school and host a Gym Ringette Session for your students.
Add Gym Ringette to your school’s gym program today.

Ringette a New Level of Sport.