Excellence Ringette Program and Canadian Ringette Championships FAQ

Are U14 aged players eligible for Excellence?

The Excellence Program is for players in U16, U19 and 18+ age groups. U14 Players get exposure through the Zone program into the daily training environment that they can expect in Excellence.

Is BC losing AA?

Ringette BC is not getting rid of AA. Ringette BC is changing the current model of participation, training and development for athletes and teams that are going to CRC and WCRC. Team BC will be selected out of the athlete pool of Excellence athletes. If Athletes are interested in participating on Team BC they will need to enroll in Excellence in order to be eligible for selection. Team BC will be made up of athletes from across the province of BC.

Will Team BC athletes get the same level of training by playing on Zone in addition to Team BC?

Team BC athletes will participate in training programs as a team throughout the season. The model is similar to the 2019 and 2015 Canada Winter Games model. Athletes priority is Team BC but they will train and compete with their Zone team throughout the season. The athletes will attend training camps as a team and with the Excellence program throughout the season for training and practice. Coaches will communicate with their athletes throughout the season.

CRC Teams – With all the different coaches involved with these athletes, the coaching philosophies from each coach (Zone, Excellence and CRC Teams) will be conflicting causing confusion and frustration with the athletes

Excellence and CRC coaches are one in the same. All CRC team coaches will be part of Excellence Ringette Program and will work with athletes in the Excellence program and the CRC team athletes. The Excellence program is as much a coach development program as it is an athlete development program.

This experience is not unique to CRC athletes. This is the experience that all current U14 players have by double carding to AA and Zone or in the past U14A. Also, in a CWG or BCWG cycle coaches and athletes must work together to ensure that the players and coaches are developing in tandem. The Excellence Ringette Program coordinator is there to work with the coaches and the athletes to ensure that the coaches are respecting the athletes and that they have the chance to develop and understand the systems.

What kind of credentials will the coaches need in order to apply to the program?

Coaches will need to be CI Certified or higher to apply to the program.

How are coaches selected into the program?

All coaching and team staff for Excellence and CRC teams will be selected through a panel selection process.

Who is running the Excellence/CRC program?

Ringette BC will act as the License holder and the program will be headed by a program Coordinator.

Who picks the CRC team?

The coaching staff selected to each CRC team at U16 and U19 will select the athletes from the Excellence program for the CRC team.

Which Team has priority over the other. Zone (games/practices/Tournaments) over Excellence/CRC (games/practices/Tournaments)?

Excellence/CRC will be the priority for any athlete that is rostered to the CRC team. In the event of a conflict the CRC team takes priority. If an athlete has returned from a competition or training weekend and needs a recovery phase before returning to Zone the athlete is able to request that break from their Zone team. The Program Coordinator for Excellence will assist with monitoring the athletes with the CRC coaches to ensure that athletes are not over training.

The athletes belonging to the Excellence/CRC program won’t play games except for Tournaments. (double card to Zone?)

All Excellence and CRC athletes will participate fully in Zone except for Western Canadian ringette Championships as CRC rostered athletes are not eligible to participate. If there is a conflict the CRC team will take precedent.

Will the CRC Teams go to out of town ‘AA’ Tournaments?

Yes. The CRC team will be able to attend AA tournaments throughout the season based on the season plan developed by the Team Staff.

Will there be a quota for the number of players from each region (LMRL, TORL, North)?

No. Athletes interested in the program can come from everywhere.

How often will the CRC team train together?

Currently the team will have 5 team only events. But in addititon to that they will attend 4 excellence training camp weekends plus any tournaments they attend throughout the season.