Return to Ringette Update

Return to Ringette Update! viaSport has confirmed that the player’s benches and the penalty boxes are now included in the definition of “field of Play”. This update allows for players and coaches to not be physically distance on the bench during ringette activities assuming they are in the same cohort. Ringette BC would like to […]


COVID-19 Coach Educations Ringette BC is offering webinars for coaches on COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. Coaches who are coaching ringette from U12 and above must complete a COVID-19 Education. So far Ringette BC has educated over 200 coaches on COVID-19 best practices for coaches. If you are looking to coach in the Children’s Ringette Program […]

Ringette Progression 3 Begins

Welcome to Ringette Progression 3! Ringette BC is pleased to announce the Ringette has advanced to Ringette Progression 3 and Sport Cohorts under the Return to Ringette Guidelines version 12.1 that was released on September 9th. Remember that just because Ringette is in Ringette Progression 3 and viaSport is in Phase 3 does not mean […]

Lifting of Suspension

COVID -19 Updates

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