Dateline:December 21, 2016.

Ringette BC adopts and brings into force new Constitution, Bylaws and policies that govern the Society.

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the members directed Ringette BC’s Board of Directors to overhaul the policies that govern the operation of the Society and to have that task completed by 31 December 2016.  The members asked the Directors to give particular attention to the sections on Membership, Discipline and Appeals.  The following “Governance Policies” document is the result of extensive work done by staff in consultation with the Board and Ringette enthusiasts all over the Province.  The timing of the project was fortuitous because of the government mandated transition to the BC Societies Act by all Societies by November 2018.

Governance Policies Version 3

Ringette BC is guided by a set of Policies that include the Governing By-laws and the technical aspects of Ringette beyond the rules and regulations of on-ice play.

Ringette BC provides an extensive supply of resources to members to assist them with the administration, promotion and development of Ringette. Charts that outline the flow of information through the processes that lead to decisions within the governance of Ringette BC are included throughout the Policies. In particular, the Player Release Process Chart is provided here for emphasis.

Important Note: In cases of discrepancy between printed versions and the on-line version of the policy manual , appendices or policy update advisories available on the BC Ringette website, the on-line version will be considered correct with these exceptions:

BCRA U12 Guidelines 2015-2016

BCRA Integrated Performance System

BCRA Player Release Process

BCRA Player Release Process Chart 2015-2016

BCRA Policy Manual & Appendices

Designed as a PDF, users can open simply click the icons below to view an expandable table of contents. Within the document users can also click directly on a heading in any appendices or table of contents to be taken directly to that page. There is an index at the end of the Policy Manual to search individual terms.

Governance Policies Version 3

2016 Policy manual edited for Governance

BCRA Policy Manual Appendices 2013

Policy Advisories

As policies are revised and implemented throughout the season, they are noted in Policy Update Advisories. The affected Policy Manual and Appendices sections will be highlighted to note the policy has been changed, with a reference to the specific Policy Update Advisory.