Ringette BC is governed by a Board of 7 Directors. Each Director has a portfolio that is key to the operation of Ringette in British Columbia. The Board meets once per month and the minutes are posted.

The operation of Ringette is under constant review by the 6 Operational Committees:

  • Sport and Athlete Development
  • Coaching Development
  • Officiating Development
  • High Performance
  • House Provincials and Tournaments
  • Promotions and Marketing

Ringette BC Policy requires that other operational tasks be undertaken by the members including Player Release Requests, Over-age Player Requests, Grievances, Appeals and ad hoc tasks. Ringette BC’s Governance model provides for a Policy Development process that involves members and delegates from the Associations and the Leagues to fully consider amendments before changes are recommended to the Board of Directors. Ringette BC has a Strategic Plan that is review annually and updated every 3 years; next due for review in 2018.

BCRA Governance infographic

Sport & Athlete Development

  • Chair: Samantha Morrison
  • Board Liaison: Laura Takasaki
  • Staff Support: Technical Director

Coaching Development

  • Chair:
  • Board Liaison: Tobiah Riley
  • Staff Support: Technical Director

Officiating Development

  • Chair: Marren Garcia, Provincial Referee-in-Chief
  • Staff Support: Technical Director

House Provincials & Tournament

  • Chair:
  • Board Liaison: Lesley Driscoll
  • Staff Support: Technical Director

High Performance

  • Chair: Maria Crawford
  • Board Liaison:
  • Staff Support: Technical Director

Promotions and Marketing

  • Chair:
  • Board Liaison: Laura Takasaki
  • Staff Support: Executive Director