Ringette British Columbia and its member club associations and leagues are committed to provide an environment in which all Ringette participants and enthusiasts in BC are treated with respect characterized by the values of partnership, integrity, community focus, sportsmanship and respect. 

Being part of the Ringette BC community as well as participating in its activities, brings many benefits and privileges. At the same time, participants, including those who have no official roles with a team, club-Association or League, are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations, including, but not limited to, complying with Ringette BC’s policies, bylaws, rules and regulations, including the Codes of Conduct.  Irresponsible behavior by participants and enthusiasts can result in severe damage to the integrity of Ringette BC and the game.  Conduct that violates these values may be subject to discipline pursuant to this policy.  Since consequences may be applied, Ringette BC provides its member Leagues and club-Associations with the mechanisms outlined in policy so that complaints are handled fairly, expeditiously and affordably.


Please familiarize yourself with the codes of conduct that are applicable to you below:

Code of Conduct – Coaches

Code of Conduct – Officials

Code of Conduct – U14 and Up

Code of Conduct – U12 and Below

Code of Conduct -Board Members

Code of Conduct -Volunteers

Code of Conduct Parents

 Your local club association may have other additional codes of conduct for volunteers and spectators.

Sanctions may include, individually or clustered:

  • Verbal or written reprimand from the Chair of the appropriate Board of Directors
  • Requirement for a verbal or written apology by the offender
  • Service or other voluntary contribution to Ringette BC or is members Associations
  • Removal of certain privileges of membership in the club-Association
  • Suspension from certain Ringette BC teams, events and activities
  • Suspension from all Ringette BC activities for a designated period of time
  • Withholding of prize money
  • Payment of the cost of repairs for property damage
  • Suspension of funding from Ringette BC or other funding
  • Expulsion from Ringette BC or any of its member Leagues or Associations
  • Other sanctions as may be considered appropriate for the offense.


Unless the Disciplinary Panel decides otherwise, any disciplinary consequence will commence immediately, unless an appeal is filed pursuant to the appeals policy.

Failure to comply with an ordered consequence will result in immediate suspension from all Ringette activities until such time as compliance with the ordered consequence occurs.

A written record will be maintained by Ringette BC at the Office for any event or behavior that has resulted in a consequence being applied.  Persons who are interested in holding coach, manager or referee positions are to know that your record with Ringette BC will be taken into account when you apply for a position.